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MYSS, Seal's agent in Borneo

Comes highly recommended as a yacht agent that helps create an easy cruising experience for superyachts, owners, guests and crews, calling into any port in Malaysia. Lead and owned by a team of passionate Malaysian professionals from ex-naval special forces officers, ship repair industry executives, merchant marine officers and tourism. The team has true local knowledge and provides precise and correct information.

A full-time, efficient 24/7 maritime agent that delivers the following support services to ships and yachts offshore and onshore at fair costs.




Authorized by Malaysia Immigration, Customs and Marine Department, MYSS is a precise and correct up to date processing & customs agent for ships and yachts in accordance with Malaysia Law’s.

expert local knowledge

Organising, planning and support services for customs and specialised adventure tours on land or on water services.


Personalised service attending to requests for special arrangements for guests or owners that makes trips possible and easy.

Fuel Supply

Bunker fuel supply and marine lubricants.


Maritime security services, coordination and consultancy.

Food provision

Provisioning and importation of specialized gourmet food supplies.


Coordination and local assistance for repair and maintenance requirements with established Malaysian shipyards to a high-level yacht standard.

Chandlery supply

Ship & yachts chandlery supplies & nautical publications.


Engineering & general projects out-sourcing service.


Legal advisory of Malaysia Law’s services.

Human Resource

Human resources supply for contractual project workers and crew services.


Lay-up, manning and ship management services.


Charter and charter marketing agent.